Stop said 'untunglah', kita lebihkan 'alhamdulillah'

Copy post from Maria Elena's entry. Masha Allah, what a wonderful entry you wrote Maria. 
I'm touched. So, here we go.


Allah swt has given us life, the life we're living, and is it 'nice' of us if we wished we can have another person's life?

be grateful. that's all it takes.
not confidence, not arrogance, not make up, not clothes.
nothing of the sort.

just be grateful.
maybe it's time to stop all this 'untunglah' thing. kita lebihkan 'alhamdulillah'. =)

if you really cannot get through the toughness in your life, you can't stop wanting something you don't have,
then here, let the words from Allah SWT guide you:

حي على الفلاح
"hayya alal falah"
marilah ke arah kejayaan.