Struggle masing masing berbeza. 

Men, among you are some of the worst critics (than women). Please understand and respect that it is not as easy as you'd think, to fight our nafsu and change. Anyone who's going through a struggle needs encouragement, guidance & support.

And please, don't compare us-your girl with the other girls. How can you say that we're not trying to change, to be better muslimah. Us (girls) sedikit sebanyak akan terasa atau terdetik untuk berubah and do it slowly. Its not about change our apparel only, its about our ibadah, its about our attitude, its about how we gonna Istiqamah to stay on our changes. Sepatutnya you help us dengan bagi kata-kata semangat, nasihat dan apa yang patut, bukan nya dengan compare us with the others and complain about us.

Stop compare and complain der.