In my life, I've learnt that certain people came into our lives, and just leave. Someday we will forget what they say, what they look like, but we will never forget the feelings they gave us, whether love or hate. I've learnt that even when you have everything in the world, pretty or not, funny or not, it takes one simple additional score to make someone fall in love with you.

To love itself.

Funny how sometimes things happened in our life seems to be without any cause, without any motives. In the end, you realized that all of these moments are there, to make us what we are today. It shapes us, nurtured us with experiences and you will then understand that it doesn't matter, to be sad or happy or just in between. 

Somewhere along in your life, maybe you will experience this. Maybe in your life, present or future, you will be heartbroken, confused, a complete wreck. But in the end, you learn something. You will make it through, and it will be just another phase in your life. You will always remember, and you will be happy, because you have finally seen it. 

To be loved back is not the the question. You just need to love, without hesitations.

-Brand New Eyes, Zaffe.

p/s: it takes two to tango. it takes two to make it right. it takes two to have a cute relationship.